One of the best roguelikes for Mac



Brogue is a version of a traditional roguelike where your objective is the same as always: recover Yendor's Amulet from the depths of dungeons riddled with traps and monsters.

The game includes all the traditional elements of this genre: permadeath, randomly-generated dungeons to guarantee a new experience each time you play, and ASCII graphics. The fundamental difference is that these classic ASCII graphics include extraordinary lighting, making the game that much more beautiful.

Besides that, Brogue uses a much more convenient and sophisticated interface than old roguelikes where you can use the mouse to carry out all the actions in the game. In fact, you can even put your cursor over enemies to get more information on them. You can also use stealth to avoid confrontations.

Brogue is an excellent game for diving into the roguelike genre. Thanks to its clever gameplay, unlike traditional versions based exclusively on keyboards, basic actions are much easier to perform. It's a difficult and challenging game you're sure to enjoy.